In the beginning I chose to foster with TLC because I loved puppies and I needed a ‘baby’ to care for. I didn’t want to the long term commitment of owning another dog though. Fostering was the perfect answer. I continue to foster for TLC because I love being part of this family. I love all the people in this organization and what we all believe in. Every dog adopted means one more pulled from a shelter leaving an opening to save one off the streets.
— Lindsay, TLC Volunteer & Foster

Foster families are the heart of our organization. At TLC, bonding with our rescues is very important. Rather than going to a shelter where they often become depressed and withdrawn, our dogs join us in our warm, comfortable homes where they thrive with attention and love.  As soon as dogs arrive in our foster homes, we begin house training when necessary, and work on basic manners. Our foster families work to socialize and interact with the dogs in order to learn their strengths and understand their challenges.

Our foster program sets us apart. TLC provides veterinary care, food, and supplies such as crates, bowls, and toys. Our fosters are matched with a personal point of contact to answer any questions along the way. We understand that fostering is a commitment, one that can last from an overnight stay to a few weeks. We work around our foster family’s busy schedules and lifestyles to ensure the foster dog is the right fit for the entire family.

Our foster follow-up program & training partners provide support to our foster families with any advice, guidance and mentoring they need. Our goal is to ensure that fostering is a rewarding experience so we provide everything you need so that your foster’s every need can be met.