Happy Tails of the Week - September 17th, 2019

Why we do what we do

We asked our fosters a simple question: Why do you foster for TLC? Here’s one of the responses we got!

I love dogs and adopted an adult from the SPCA. She had awful separation anxiety but after a rocky start was my best friend for 15 years. Then I adopted a rescue puppy. I raised her and had her for 13 years. She suffered epilepsy and ultimately two bouts of cancer. As my kids will tell you, she was my favorite child. She was by my side when my dad died and I was by hers through seizures and surgery. Together we suffered a dog attack with stitches and antibiotics. There is no such devotion as a dogs!

Duncan (fka Hummus) was a dog looking for love when my heart was broken. That sweet thing was homeless a year before he landed with me. I am so grateful to everyone for helping him along the way and I wanted to do the same for another dog and another family... to help someone who truly needs that dog to heal their soul.