Happy Tails of the Week - August 20th, 2019

Rescue Dogs Are Not Broken

A post from one of our foster volunteers:

I was speaking with some coworkers the other day about our experience as fosters. As I talked about Troy and his need to decompress and gain some confidence in his new surroundings, someone asked how Tim and I handle that situation. I explained how we had to give him a lot of love and space and keep his routine consistent. Another coworker at that moment commented, "This is why I could never get a dog from a rescue. I want a good dog, not a broken one."

I had to catch myself, knowing that anger wouldn't get me very far. I explained that while poor Troy needed to gain confidence, he never asked for this life or the previous treatment he suffered. He never asked to be abandoned, he never asked to be in a noisy, overcrowded shelter. Just because he needs extra love and support right now doesn't mean he isn't a good dog; the two are not mutually exclusive.

We went back and forth for a bit, both unwavering on our positions, and I was sad for the rest of the day. I was sad for Troy and every rescue dog out there, but mostly, I was sad for her that she wasn’t open to the fulfillment a rescue dog can bring you.

Today, a wonderful family saw that exact sweet soul in Troy and made him a part of their forever. He has three wonderfully gentle human siblings and two adorable fur siblings to call his very own. I know I can't change everyone's mind, but I can continue to help these precious beings and educate those who are willing to listen.

She was right about one thing though: Troy is not a good dog, he is one of the best dogs. "Good dog" does not begin to touch on the potential this creature has. Thank you, Troy, for reminding me what we are fighting for, and against, in this cruel world. I wish you a life of certainty, security, and most of all, love. Happy adoption day, Troy Boy. We miss you terribly already.