Happy Tails of the Week - August 5th, 2019

Why We Do What We Do

For this week’s Happy Tails, we want to share a message from one of our fosters about her recent momma and her puppies. Click here to learn more about being a foster family for TLC dogs!

At the beginning of March, I learned of a sweet little Chihuahua who was just 1 year old and pregnant. The owner did not want her and certainly didn’t want to deal with the puppies she was going to have.

Something about this little girl pulled at my heart. (don’t they all?) There was something different about this one though. I knew we needed to help her. Luckily, I am backed by the greatest rescue who agreed that she deserved to be saved.

I drove to Philly the next day to pick her up. She was so skinny and terrified. I didn’t know if she would ever trust but I was going love her regardless. It took her about 5 hours of being in my home to realize that we were now “her” people. She was attached! (And so was I)

Over the next couple months, I asked a million questions, worried about her, loved her, and made sure she was pampered as she grew her babies. As birth day grew closer, I monitored her constantly. If I couldn’t be home with her, I was staring at a camera set up to watch her all day long. The day finally came. I was at work and could see on the camera that she was getting close. I left work early and got home as fast as I could. I talked to her through the camera the entire way. “You’re safe little girl. I know you’re uncomfortable. Please wait for your foster momma to get there.” When I got home, I sat with her in her whelping box. She immediately started transitioning to active labor and within 15 mins, Adeline was born. Clementine didn’t waste any time from there. All 6 babies were out within 2 hours.

Watching her babies grow and learn each day was amazing. Each step was a joy to watch. From opening their eyes, learning to walk, eating their first food and watching them learn to socialize with other dogs, etc. They quickly grew into little balls of energy with very different personalities. Everyday I fell in love with them a little more. I was concerned I was to own 7 chihuahuas. How was I ever going to let them go?

The day came that these babies went to a new foster and then into loving homes. Each one is special and will always hold a place in my heart. It has been an amazing journey with this momma and her puppies. I could have never have done it without the support of the TLC team and the other wonderful fosters that helped.