Happy Tails of the Week - July 8th, 2019

Rescue is about saving lives - no matter the circumstances.

You may recall that a few months back, TLC took in a 6 year old, Heartworm positive, pregnant momma dog named Mona. After her 4 surviving pups were adopted, we discovered that her case of Heartworm was more severe than normal. This meant Mona would need longer treatment which equates to a larger vet bill. We at TLC began to prepare our fundraising efforts for Mona's treatment, which we estimated to cost about $3,000 when all was said and done.

And then, every rescue’s worst nightmare, a Parvo outbreak.

A very adorable litter of doodle puppies, all named after the famous Peanut clan, made their freedom ride up from Mississippi. Linus was confirmed with Canine Parvovirus (Parvo) before he even made it over the Pennsylvania state line. He was quarantined, rushed to VRC in Malvern and has been in their attentive care since. In the last week, we've had 3 additional puppies - Lucy, PigPen, and Snoopy - test positive for Parvo, who are now also at VRC.

 What does all of this mean in terms of financials? As of today, July 9, 2019, the puppies have cost TLC $14,000. We are estimating over $20,000 of vet bills from these puppies alone.

Money isn't the only thing at stake here. Our foster families and volunteers have been working overtime to care for the Peanut-Parvo Puppies and clean everything they’ve possibly come into contact with. 

Every shirt sold, every dollar donated goes to saving these lives. Whether it be an older Heartworm positive dog, or an adorable littler of curly haired puppies, we mean it when we say...

Until they ALL have a home.