Happy Tails of the Week - June 24th, 2019

We love our fosters at To Love A Canine! Recently our dog in foster the longest, Daisy, was adopted by her foster family. Here is what Daisy’s foster mom, now forever mom had to say:

Back in early January we picked up our 3rd TLC foster named Daisy. She was very shy, timid and scared. We knew she would need extra TLC, and she got lots of it. My dogs welcomed her and they quickly became best friends. They helped build her confidence and showed her how to be a dog.

From Day 1, Daisy was the most loving, cuddly and snuggable girl, maybe expressing her gratitude for us loving her back. She was always the sweetest girl that stole our hearts from the moment we said our first hellos. Our plan was not to adopt another dog, but we can’t imagine our life without Daisy. We knew that if she was adopted, there would always be something missing in our family. We fostered her for almost 6 months and her bond with my family (humans and furry) kept growing stronger and stronger every day.

Daisy still has some fears to overcome and we’ve been helping her along with the way, and her confidence is blossoming every day. She’s a smart girl too and we can’t wait to sign her up for training classes. It’s amazing how one day someone walks into your life and then the next thing you know, you can’t imagine living your life without them.

We are soo glad we get to wake up to Daisy’s hugs, zoomies, and her big smile everyday—it’s a great way to start you day! Welcome home Daisy, our family is now complete!

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