Happy Tails of the Week

It takes a special heart to foster...

This week we’d like to let you hear from one of our fosters about how a special dog touched their hear and let you see a little bit of why we do what we do. “You got adopted today buddy and I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t know when we brought you home the first night and gave you your first bath that you would return to us so that we could bring you to your forever family. But I think you needed to show us that what we are doing is important. And because you are such a good boy, you showed us we can do it even when we weren’t sure. We can help others find their homes. Walking in this morning I knew. I knew we found your forever family. And I knew you would be loved. It wasn’t easy to leave you. And although my heart broke this morning, I drove away with happy tears. You will always have a piece of our heart. And thanks to you, we will do this again.”

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