Happy Tails of the Week

Fostering can be both challenging and rewarding, and we love our fosters at TLC! Here’s a note from one family about their recent foster Mandy.

Sometimes you have a foster that will put you through the works. Mandy appeared to lack some proper socialization skills and would mouth at people’s hands, feet, clothes or any other appendage/item within her reach. It became apparent after a week with us that this pup was possibly mouthing due to illness. It was soon discovered that she had terrible ear infections and a UTI. She never showed one sign of pain, but she was clearly communicating the best way she knew that she was in discomfort. Multiple vet visits and many food trials, baths, and ear care later, it was all worth it to have her find her family. And while some of her challenges really put us through the wringer and sometimes had us pulling our hair out, it was nothing compared to the life she experienced as a stray, in the shelter, or her health struggles. Little Miss Mandy Pandy can now rest her head in her permanent spot with those she can now call family and that makes all the craziness worth it. Have the best life, little mama.

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Happy Tails of the Week

This was a record setting week at To Love A Canine, and it’s time to pat ourselves on the back!

We celebrated our 3000th adoption on Monday when Sadie stole the heart of her foster mom and made their family complete. On Sunday, 12 of Sadie’s puppies (yes, she had 13 puppies born into our care) started their new beginnings and are being loved by their new families. To top it off, we set a record on Sunday by having 20 dogs adopted! That’s a lot of hard work by a group of dedicated people working to fulfill our mission “until they all have a home...”

Happy Tails of the Week

A Foster Poem

I am the bridge
Between what was and what can be.
I am the pathway to a new life.
I am made of mush,
Because my heart melted when I saw you,
Tired and broken, depressed,
Lonely, unwanted, afraid to love.
For a little time you are mine.
I will feed you with my own hand
I will love you with my whole heart
I will make you whole.
I am made of steel.
Because when the time comes,
When you are well, and loved,
When your eyes shine,
And your tail wags with joy,
Then comes the hard part.
I will let you go - not without a tear,
But without regret.
For you are safe forever
And a new dog needs me now.

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until they all have a home... it’s not just our motto, it’s our promise to our dogs.

Happy Tails of the Week

This week’s post comes courtesy of one of our fosters whose recent foster will have a special place in her heart forever.

Here’s her message about Tango —

“This cutie spent the last 7 days with us and went to his fur-ever home today. This was a tough one and anyone that met Tango will know why. He is such a lovable guy and I know he will make his new family so happy! Thank you so much little buddy for helping me see that fostering is about letting go. It’s about preparing you for your fur-ever home and that the training, socializing and early morning potty breaks are all worth it when that perfect family is found! ”

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Happy Tails of the Week

There’s a deep sleep that only comes on the first night out of the shelter.

As he settles in, he gives out a great big sigh. Like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. Then he sleeps deeper than he ever has, knowing he’s safe. You get a lump in your throat as you realize how close he came. Now he’s safe. Forever. Because you fostered.


This is why we do what we do. For the dogs. We love our foster mommas and poppas here at TLC. Would you like to help us save more lives? Click here to join us!

Until they all have a home... it’s not just a motto, it’s what drives each and every one of us.

Happy Tails of the Week

Well, we’re quickly closing in on our 3000th adoption!! This week saw 15 dogs have new beginnings. That’s 15 lives saved and 15 new family members. 15 new beginnings, and that’s what drives us. We love seeing our dogs go to special homes. When we see the smiles on faces, we all feel warm and happy. So if you’ve adopted from us, thank you! If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, then fill out an application and get approved so when the dog of your dreams comes along, you’ll be all set to give it his or her new beginning.

Happy Tails of the Week

It seems like we say this a lot, but it was another big week for TLC!

10 dogs were adopted and started their new lives and we welcomed 15 dogs into foster homes. They came to us from Mississippi on Saturday morning.

Our annual Raffles for Ruffs fundraiser took place Saturday night. We had a great turnout and raised a lot of money to help us save more dogs. If you couldn’t make it to Raffles for Ruffs, you can put October 6, 2019 on your calendar for our next big fundraiser: Miles for Mutts. If you can’t make it to our events but still want to support TLC, click here.

Happy Tails of the Week

It’s April Fools but here at TLC, we don’t fool around when it comes to giving our dogs their forever homes. Don’t get us wrong, we have fun doing it but we don’t pull pranks when it comes to keeping our promise “until they all have a home...”

This week we gave 20 dogs new beginnings and we’re all proud of the hard work our fosters and volunteers put in. This week we also held a Meet & Greet at Giggy Bites Bakery and Marketplace. Visit them and check out all the great homemade treats for your dog and other great stuff. Tell them their friends from TLC say hi!

Watch our events page on Facebook to see where we’ll be. If you want us to come to your area, let us know!

Happy Tails of the Week

This week we’d like to talk a bit about a couple of countdowns we have going on at To Love A Canine Rescue.

First, we’re counting down to one of our big fundraisers of the year. Raffles 4 Ruffs happens April 6, 2019 at the Quality Inn & Suites in West Chester, PA. This year in addition to over 70 raffle baskets, you can buy into a poker tournament and win a cash prize. The current prize pool for the poker tournament is $750! Come try your skills and win cash!

Second, we’re counting down to our 3,000th dog adopted. Currently we’ve saved 2,916 lives and we’re well on our way to 3,000! Fill out an application today and maybe you can adopt the 3,000th dog!