Happy Tails of the Week

Roses are red
Some pups are gray
Foster a rescue dog
For Valentine’s Day!

18 dogs found their forever homes this week. That’s 18 dogs that were loved by foster families until their big day!

Have you ever thought about being a foster to a dog?

With TLC, we make it very easy. We’ll give you all the supplies - food, crate, toys, towels, blankets, support and training. All you need to do is have a big heart and love the dog until it finds its forever home. If you want to apply to help us help dogs in need, click here.

Happy Tails of the Week

To Love A Canine in the Community

TLC volunteers and fosters like taking their dogs out to meet the public. One of the ways we do that are Meet & Greets. The more people who see our dogs, the quicker they find their forever home. We’re out weekly at pet stores to show off our dogs and talk about how people can adopt from us and volunteer and foster with us. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page and our website events page to see where we will be and when we’ll be in your area.

We don’t just visit pet stores. We take our dogs to yoga classes, Pilates classes, community days, high schools and senior living facilities to name a few places. We’re always looking for new places to showcase our dogs. Would you like to have us come to your event? Feel free to contact us and we’ll see if we can make it happenM

Happy Tails of the Week

Another week in the books and 18 more lives were saved!

We find dogs homes, yes, but we do much more than that. We give the dogs something they didn’t have before they hitched their freedom rides. We give them a chance.

We give them a chance at life.
We give them a chance to be happy.
We give them a chance to be loved.
We give them a chance to trust and love.

The families that adopt from us take a chance on us to deliver - and we do. Don’t all dogs deserve a chance?? We think they do. Would you like to help us give dogs the chance they deserve? Click here.

Happy Tails of the Week

71 new tomorrows in 20 days!

Even with the threat of ominous weather and frigid temperatures, To Love A Canine was hard at work this week finding 13 dogs new tomorrows. 71 dogs have found homes in the first 20 days of 2019!

Approved adopters were waiting to meet Tig, Rhonda and Ned at our Meet & Greet in Downingtown. Meet & Greets are a great way to see our available dogs when trying to find your new family member. Check out our Events page to see a schedule of upcoming events where you can see our dogs in person!!

Happy Tails of the Week

To Love A Canine - Working hard to give our dogs a well deserved new beginning.

This was a big week for TLC! Saturday morning we welcomed 23 dogs who took an 18 hour freedom ride from Mississippi. Our super fosters welcomed them with open arms and warm homes to get them ready for their turn to find a new home.

Not only did we take in 23 dogs, but we created new tomorrows for 33 dogs. 33 dogs are safe, warm and loved by their forever families thanks to the hard working teams at TLC. In the first 13 days of 2019, we have placed 57 dogs into their new homes!

Would you like to join us in our quest to help those dogs that need it? We are always in need of volunteers and fosters. Follow this link to find out how you can join us.

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Happy Tails of the Week

New year. New beginnings. New tomorrows.

Week one of 2019 is in the books...we gave 20 dogs new beginnings and new tomorrows with their new forever families. 20 dogs took long freedom rides from down south and trusted us to save them and we didn’t let them down.

We started strong in 2019 and we won’t slow down...until they all have a home.

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Thank you, Ziggy's Biscuits!

We’d like to introduce you to Ziggy’s Biscuits!

Ziggy’s Biscuits is a non profit organization run by a terrific young girl, Zoe, who is using her talents to make and sell bandanas, collars and treats for dogs. She donates the proceeds to local animal rescues and To Love A Canine is one of those lucky rescues.

TLC would like to thank Zoe and Ziggy’s Biscuits for her generous donations and tireless work to make a difference for animals. Follow her on Facebook to see where she will be, and you can see how you can order from her to help TLC. She does seasonal items, sports team like the Phillies and much more. Please follow her and help her help more dogs!!


Happy Tails of the Week

Today we wind down 2018 and begin to get ready for a bigger, better 2019.

We had 9 adoptions this week and 64 adoptions in December. That brings us to 728 lives saved in 2018!! 2733 lives saved since TLC was founded in 2013. All of those lives couldn’t have been saved without the hard work and dedication of this great volunteer/foster based organization.

Be safe over the upcoming holiday, Happy New Year one and all!! #adopttlc #tlcrescuepa #tlcfostersrock #tlcvolunteersrock

Happy Tails of the Week

This time of year is about love and joy. 14 families have more to love and be joyful about this week. They have a new dog in their home. TLC isn’t just about getting dogs adopted. We help dogs find the joy of a loving family. We help families find the love of a new family member and we help them celebrate that joy and love by finding them the perfect canine companions.

Our goal is “Until they all have a home.” We’re 14 dogs closer to that goal this week!

Thank you, Only Results Fitness!


Wow, we cannot begin the thank the highly motivated members and team at Only Results Fitness in Phoenixville. Only Results hosted a “Million pound challenge” where all gym members were assigned to teams and kept track of all the weight they used when working out. For every pound, the members would donate a few cents.

Not only did they hit a Million pounds, they managed to hit almost FIFTEEN MILLION pounds and raised more than $3000 for TLC Rescue to allow our organization to pay ever growing vet bills and save more lives. Thank you to everyone who participated! You have so much to be proud of and we have so much to be thankful for!

From all the TLC dogs and future TLC dogs, THANK YOU!!